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The organization became a registered nonprofit corporation in the State of Indiana in September, 1983. The first annual exhibit was held in November, 1983 in the William H. Block Company Auditorium. The second, third and fourth exhibits were also held at Block’s. In 1987 the annual exhibit moved to the American United Life (AUL) Lobby.

Since September, 1991, the annual exhibitions have been held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

WSI’s status as a publically supported organization 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) became official on April 6, 1995, after a five year probationary period. The Foundation can be credited to the efforts of Wilbur Meese, Foundation Chairman; Jean Vietor, Treasurer; Frank Vietor; and Shirley Werner Carr. The Watercolor Society of Indiana today thanks these members and all the Founding Members who shared a dream.