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Year Juror Best of Show Painting Artist
2015 Lian Zhen Water Break Anna Afshar, WSI
2014 Kathleen Conover Duet XIII Peggy Brown, CF
2013 Pat Dews Laurence, The Timekeeper Teresa Altemeyer, WSI
2012 Cheng-Khee Chee Italia IX Peggy Brown, CF
2011 Gerald Brommer Sanguine Summer Jerry Smith, CF
2010 George James Alterpiece James Weaver, WSI
2009 Alvaro Castagnet Surreal Loss Paula Dearringer, WSI
2008 Betsy Dillard Stroud Interlude Sandy Maudlin, WSI
2007 James Toogood Sweet Dreams Howard Scott, WSI
2006 Diane Maxey Banana Dance Kathleen Cornelius, CF
2005 Jean Grastorf The End of a Long Day Scott Kilmer
2004 Frank Webb, AWS, NWS Knee Deep in June Jeanne McLeish, CF
2003 Polly Hammett, AWS, NWS Rehearsal Break Patricia Hooper, WSI
2002 Carole Barnes, AWS, NWS Queen of the Nile Rich Ernsting, CF
2001 Alex Powers Crosscurrents Peggy Brown, CF
2000 Judi Betts, AWS Veteran Henry Bell, CF
1999 Alfred Christopher, Jr., NWS Arizona Mission Carolyn Humke
1998 Joan A. Rothermel, AWS, DF Evening at Stonington Jerry Smith, CF
1997 Christopher Schink, NWS Airing Out Alan Hutton, WSI
1996 Don Burt, AWS, NWS Bright Morning Henry Bell, CF
1995 Don Andrews, AWS Spirits of the Past Rich Ernsting, CF
1994 Al Brouillette, ANA, AWS Almost Touching Peggy Brown, CF
1993 Paul Melia, AWS Top Crop Louise Hansen, CF
1992 Marilyn Phillis, AWS, NWS
Joyce Williams, AWS, NWS
Carlton Plummer, AWS
Rivers of My Mind Peggy Brown, CF
1991 Joyce Williams, AWS, NWS She’s Hot to Go; She’s Ready Rich Ernsting
1990 Carlton Plummer, AWS
Richard Treaster
Florets Rebecca Moore Higgins, CF
1989 Don Dennis
Robert James Foose
Toledo Street James Curtin Lentz, WSI
1988 Virginia Cobb, AWS
Mildred Sands Kratz, AWS
Croton Emel Doner, CF
1987 Dee Knott, AWS
Tom Hale, AWS
Judy’s Garland James Curtin Lentz, WSI
1986 Gary Akers, AWS
Randall R. Higdon, AWS
Heading Home Doris Turnbaugh, WSI
1985 Donald James Getz, AWS Summer Heralds Barbara Grisham
1984 Gerhard C. F. Miller, AWS
Lee Weiss, AWS
Paradise Rich Ernsting, CF
1983 Mildred Sands Kratz, AWS
Homer O. Hacker, AWS
Hobo’s Sunrise Rich Ernsting, CF