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January 2017

1st Quarterly Newsletter
Jan. 16 First Board Meeting, WSI Office, 9:30am
Feb. 15 Please send 2017 Dues Renewal forms for Directory
Mid March Member Show prospectus , 2017
March 19 General Membership Meeting, 1:30pm, Lawrence Library, 2017 Board introduced, Golden Paints Demo
April 1 2017 Scholarship Applications due
April 10 Second Board Meeting, WSI Office, 9:30am
April 12 Waycross registration due
April 2nd Quarterly Newsletter
April 21-23 Spring Awakening Retreat: Sharing the Joy of Painting, 2017 Waycross Registration Flyer
Mid May Mail Juried Prospectus to Members, 2017 Juried Exhibit Prospectus
May 15 Membership Exhibit Entries due
May 16-19 Susan Webb Tregay Workshop: Fresh Paths in Watercolor: Strategies for Success Somerset Lakes Clubhouse, 9am-4pm TregayWorkshop Flyer
May 20 Member Show Opening, Painting delivery, Luncheon,delivery time TBA, lunch time TBA, Second Presbyterian Church, 7700 N. Meridian Street. Susan Webb Tregay Demo, Prospectus
May 21- July 7 Membership Exhibit at Second Presbyterian Church
July 8 Member Show painting pick-up Second Presbyterian Church, 10AM-Noon
June or July 3rd Quarterly Newsletter
July 12 Deadline for Juried entry return to office. Juried Exhibit prospectus
July 23 Summer Social Pitch-In, General Meeting, Juried Exhibit Entries Viewed, 1:30pm, Lawrence Library
August 7 Third Board Meeting, WSI Office, 9:30am
Aug. Mail juror notification
Aug. - Sept. 1 Painting delivery to WSI Office 8:30-5:00, M-F
Sept. 12-15 Linda Daly Baker Workshop, Layers of Design, Somerset Lakes Clubhouse, 9AM-4PM, Linda Daly Baker Workshop Flyer

Art presentation, Linda Daly Baker, Place and Time TBA

Oct. 8 Juried Exhibit Opening Reception
Awards Ceremony, DeBoest Auditorium, IMA, 2pm
Oct 9 - Dec. 2 Juried Exhibit open in the Bret Waller Gallery of the IMA. Prospectus
Oct. 4th Quarterly Newsletter
Nov. 6 Fourth Board Meeting, WSI Office, 9:30am
Dec. 3 Juried Exhibit painting pick-up, IMA, 1-3pm